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Overview Of Saloka Theme Park

Situated right in the heart of Semarang, Saloka Theme Park is the new favorite of people who want to have a thrilling and joyful vacation in Bali with family and friends. Filled with amazing attractions and rides, you are going to experience a twist of entertainment, fun, knowledge, and adventure all together in one place. Besides providing all kinds of amusement, the park enables an exciting chance to let your kids learn about various contents via amazing games. From toddlers to adults, Saloka theme park features every type of ride and activity for all age groups of people. With just one Saloka Theme Park ticket you will be able to explore all the different 25 amusing activities divided into 5 different zones named Coastal zone, Balalantar zone, Kamayayi zone, Ararya zone, and Segara Prada zone. From riding Ferris wheel to experiencing adrenaline pumping with amazing rides including Swell riding, and Abit Drug, the activities in Saloka park will leave you awestruck with its amazing offerings.

After enjoying these incredible fun activities when your stomach is ready to have a mouth watery treat, the restaurants and cafes inside Park will please your appetite.

Why to Book Saloka Theme Park Tickets?

  • To give your average bali tour a twist of fun and adventure, you should make your way to one of the most popular tourist destinations, Saloka theme park in Semarang.
  • Numerous fun and knowledgeable activities for kids including science learning at Galileo's Granary of Science and greeting various animals such as rabbits, turtles, peacocks, and macaws at Angol Ingon are another reason to visit this park.
  • The Saloka theme park is a great place to test your bravery by entering the world of ghosts and haunted houses with Fight Guts.
  • Starting with Keet beetle, Lumbung Ilmu Galileo, Earth Nail, Ferry Wheels, and Swell riding, these thrilling rides at Ararya zone are the best reason to visit this park.
  • Fill your weekend with several entertaining events in Saloka theme park that will make you dance with the beats of dancing fountains, turn your night mystic with magical lights on jejogedan's show.
  • Please your taste bud with a twist of International cuisine in restaurants and cafes such as Daimami, Jenju Cafe, and Rimba restaurants located inside the park.
  • Lined by 5 beautiful mountains and Rawa pening, Saloka is a destination surrounded with breathtaking natural landscape and views, which makes it a perfect destination to visit during your tour.

Saloka Theme Park Tickets at a Glance

Highlights & Timings
Glimpse About Zones
  • Get access to 25 rides and activities including Keet beetle, Lumbung Ilmu Galileo, Earth Nail ferry wheels, and more with a single Saloka Theme Park ticket.
  • The ticket fee for children aged below 2 years is free.
  • Grab this exciting deal on Saloka Theme Park ticket that allows you to explore the popular attractions and zones inside the Saloka Theme Park such as Zone Balalantara, Zone Ararya, Zone Pesisir, Segara Prada Zone, and Kamayayi without paying any additional fee.
  • Enjoy some delicious food after a fun yet tiring day at the park’s cafe and restaurants.
  • Watch light and music shows organized by the park every evening.


  • Monday- Friday: 10:00 AM- 6:00 PM
  • Saturday- Sunday: 10:00 AM- 8:00 p.m.
  • Last Admission: One hour before the closing time, i.e., 7 PM
  • Jadwal JeJoGedan show- Monday - Friday: 2:00 Pm - 5:00 PM
  • Saturday - Sunday: 2:00 Pm - 7:00 PM
  • Saloka theme park tickets can be purchased directly from the ticket counter, but it is recommended to buy tickets online. This will make the process of buying tickets easier as you can skip the heat and long queues.
  • There are various offers and discounts that can be availed by the tourists, allowing them to make a budget friendly experience.
  • With online tickets one can get access to all 25 rides categorized in five different zones. Explore a lush green forest vibe at Balalantara zone and explore the amazingly entertaining activities like Angon Ingon, Boy Safari, Fight Guts, and so on.
  • If you are having toddlers with you, go to the kid friendly zone of Kamayayi, where they can discover numerous rides, games, and more.
  • Don't think your exploration of this majestic Saloka theme park ends here as you can stay a little bit more until dusk to witness the fascinating view of the whole park illuminating with lights and dancing fountains, all included in your online ticket packages.
  • All the 25 rides in the park are divided into five different zones named Zone Balalantara, Zone Ararya, Zone Pesisir, Zone Prada, and Zone Kamayayi.
  • You can start your day of extreme fun with exploring the very first one, Pesisir Zone, where you are going to witness the best presentation of Balinese culture while enjoying the thrill of Jenju Ship.
  • After spending a great time in Pesisir Zone, turn your toe to Zone Balalantara, where a bunch of freshness amidst a lush green atmosphere is waiting for you.
  • If your urge to explore the adventure of the park asks for more, then head over to zone Ararya and enjoy the amazing rides including twists and turns, Abit Drug, Earth Nail, and more.
  • As you are already feeling tired of spending a lot of time with numerous activities, it's time for some relaxation at Segara Prada zone.
  • It welcomes you with some exotic cafes and restaurants including Daimami restaurant where you can treat your appetite with some delicious Japanese dishes.
  • Lastly, don't forget to have a look at the Zone Kamayayi that stores a lot of kid friendly surprises including Sea horse Commision, Semprat Semprot, and Tata Titti for toddlers.

Zones at Saloka Theme Park Bali

The theme park of Saloka represents the finest example of fun, culture, and amusement walking side by side through its 5 theme zones that are filled with different attractions and activities. Whether its making your kids learn about science content at Pesisir zone or taking yourself to enjoy a thrillful rollercoaster ride at Ararya zone, or even spending some relaxing time amidst lush green forest while greeting numerous species of birds at zone Balalantara, all the five zones in the park have their unique offering to treat your day with full of happiness. Besides, if your appetite calls for a lip-smacking lunch menu, cafes and restaurants in various zones have the arrangements ready for you.

Zone Balalantara

Are you finding the natural view of lush green forest and beautiful atmosphere? Well, Balalantara Zone of Saloka Theme Park in Semarang will fulfill your wish of enjoying nature in an amusement park.

Starting with greeting various animals and birds including turtles, Bali starling, Macaws, and rabbits at Angon Ingon, you can head over to enjoy a 5 minute Safari exploring flower gardens and mushroom houses with Boy Safari. If you are brave enough you can try a ride named Fight Guts to the haunted house where a lot of surprises can be waiting for you.

Zone Ararya

The real example of amusement awaits in this zone of Ararya. Want to feel like falling from a height and then repeating it, then the ride of Earth Nail at Ararya Zone is perfect for you. No, the amusement doesn't stop here as you can move to enjoy a swell ride that will make you scream while rotating on semi circular rails.

If these rides aren't enough for fulfilling your enthusiasm, try swinging and floating slowly with Abit Drug at Ararya Zone. Also, if your children love to play car games, you can make them happy with a 4 minute car ride on Senggal Senggol. The zone also houses a cafe named Rimba where you can please your appetite with some delicious Japanese cuisine.

Zone Pesisir

Step into the world of entertainment at Zone Pesisir. As the name suggests the zone replicates a fun filled environment of Indonesian beaches. Consisting of a giant Ferris wheel named Jenju ship, you can enjoy watching the fountains dancing in front of the wheel as soon as the sun goes down. Besides, it's a hub of offering some of the best cultural performances and shows in Saloka theme park.

Kids who love to learn about science contents will find ultimate happiness learning valuable things in Galileo's science. To cherish some extra vibe of the beach side, the zone also features a beach themed cafe named Jenju, where you can enjoy some mouth melting dishes such as pizza, donuts, and more.

Segara Prada

After spending an exciting day trying each and every activity, if you are looking for a place to relax and taste the exotic flavors of international cuisine, Segara Parada is the ultimate zone for you. The zone features the famous Daimami restaurant which offers various Japanese dishes to please your taste bud.

Also, to give you the vibe of a water park, a ride on Gonjang Ganjing will take you through a 360 meter long tunnel offering a majestic view. To learn science with more fun you can take your kids to Galileo's gallery of science and play numerous exciting outdoor games.

Zone Kamayayi

This zone is a paradise for kids who can indulge themselves in various games, rides, and activities. With the Saloka Theme Park ticket, you can take your kids to the world of wonderland where they can enjoy getting wet while shooting sprays at animal statues and riding on some exciting sea horse merry-go-round for 2 minutes.

Also, it has a play area where children aged 3-6 years can enjoy playing 15 different games including spinning cups, slides, and cars.

Know Before You Book Saloka Theme Park Tickets

How to reach
Rules & Regulations
Other Essential & Info.

By Car: Saloka Theme Park is easily accessible from any corner of the Semarang city as it is located on the main road of Solo Semarang route and only 10 minutes away from the toll exit, Bawen terminal, and 15 minute away from Salatiga toll exit. And the best option to reach the park is always a cab or car which will follow the route of the toll road and drop you at the door of the park.

By Bus: Public bus is another great option if you are on a journey to explore the local beauty of Semarang. The park is passed by the solo Semarang bus line with Bawen as the nearest bus stop. Hence, it can be easily reached with public transportation.

The park ensures all kinds of comfort and facilities to make your tour more enjoyable. Here is a list of facilities you can access during your tour to Saloka Theme Park in Semarang.

  • Islamic Prayer Room
  • Mushola restaurant
  • Wi-Fi
  • Wheel chair
  • Changing room
  • ATM Center
  • Toilet
  • Lost Information
  • Locker for luggage storage
  • Lactation Room
  • Disabled Toilet
  • Health clinic
  • Information Counter
  • Smoking area
  • Bus stop
  • To enter the park visitors need to show their vaccination status against covid 19.

  • Visitors are needed to have a peduli lindung application to be scanned to enter the park.

  • Re-entry with a single Saloka Theme Park ticket isn't allowed once you leave the park premises.

  • Bringing outside food isn't allowed. However, you can still enjoy a delicious lunch in the cafes and restaurants inside the park.

  • Smoking inside the park premises isn't allowed.

  • Use the voucher within 7 days of online booking.

  • Children above the age of 12 years need to enter the park with an adult ticket only.

Best Time To Visit: It is better to enter around 11 AM as you will get a lot of time to explore all 25 rides and activities and events. However, You can visit the park anytime during the whole day.But make sure you stay till the evening to witness the glittery lights covering the fountains and the surrounding of the park.

Location: Jl. Fatmawati No.154, Gumuk Sari, Lopait, Kec. Tuntang, Kabupaten Semarang, Jawa Tengah 50773, Indonesia

Age Restrictions: Children under 2 years can enter the park for free of cost.

Children under the age of 12 years are allowed to enter the park. However, they needed to be accompanied by an adult.

Saloka Theme Park FAQs

How many zones are there in Saloka Theme Park?

There are 5 different zones existing inside the Saloka Theme Park.

  • Zone Balalantara: Inspired by the forest atmosphere, Zone Balalantara includes various activities like Angon Ingon, Boy Safari, Kit Beetle and more to keep you fascinated.

  • Zone Ararya: Filled with thrilling activities such as twist and turn, swell, and earth nail, the zone is a perfect spot to experience adrenaline rush.

  • Zone Pesisir: Zone Pesisir features some of the best entertaining shows and games including Galileo's gallery, Jejogedan Arena, and Jenju ship that makes it one of the most delightful zones in the Saloka theme park of Semarang.

  • Segara Prada: If you are searching for a perfect place to relax and enjoy some Indonesian cuisine, Segara Prada has a lot of options including the famous Daimami restaurant.

  • Zone Kamayayi: Home to numerous joyful rides for children, it is a great spot to treat your children with some fun activities and learning experiences.

Where is the Saloka Theme Park located?

Saloka Theme Park is located in Indonesia, specifically situated right at the main road of Fatmawati Str. No.154, Gumuksari, Lopait, Tuntang, Semarang, Central Java (Gmap). The park is acquiring a strategic position from where Salatiga is just 40 km away, Solo is 60 km away, and Ahmad Yani airport is just 45 min away. Hence, one can easily access any transportation medium to reach the park.

How many rides are there at Saloka Theme Park?

The Saloka park features 25 different fun rides and various entertaining shows. To make it easily accessible for visitors, the park divides all the activities into 5 different zones namely Zone Balalantara, Zone Ararya, Zone Pesisir, Segara Prada, and Zone Kamayayi.

Are there any food outlets inside the Saloka Theme Park?

Yes. After spending a fun packed day exploring the various rides and activities, Saloka park offers a variety of mouth watering dishes found in several restaurants existing inside the Saloka Theme Park.

  • Rimba Restaurant: carrying a mesmerizing forest vibe, Rimba Restaurant in Ararya offers a fascinating view of mountain and paddy fields while serving some of the best flavors of Italian dishes ranging from steak to pasta on your table.

  • Daimami: Occupying a unique design and decoration, Daimami restaurant is situated in the Segara Prada Zone. Besides impressing with its amazing decoration and uniqueness, the restaurant pleases their visitors by offering a wide array of Japanese dishes such as Ocha, skewers, Udon, and Karaage.

  • Jenju cafe: This beach themed cafe inside the pesisir zone is always ready to serve you the exotic taste of various Italian beverages and desserts to make you relish the real beach vibe in a park.

Besides, the park also offers food trucks from where you can easily grab some hot dogs, burgers, fries, and more.

Which is the best time to visit Saloka Theme Park?

The best time to visit Saloka Theme Park in Semarang is during the early hours around 11 AM, when the park is less crowded and you get ample time to explore all the 25 amazing rides with your loved ones.


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